Study Guide

The Future of Us Part 4: Wednesday / Chapter 30

By Asher, Jay and Mackler, Carolyn

Part 4: Wednesday / Chapter 30


  • During breakfast, Emma is preoccupied and wishes that Josh could come over quickly so they could check Facebook.
  • Her mom asks Emma if she's thanked her dad for her new computer. She hasn't gotten around to it, but is too distracted to think about doing it this morning.
  • After she leaves the house, she knocks on Josh's door; when there's no answer, she lets herself in.
  • On her way up the stairs she passes walls lined with baby pictures of Josh and his brother, David.
  • As she knocks on Josh's bedroom door she hears music blasting from the inside, so she opens the door… and to her extreme embarrassment, finds Josh doing sit-ups in his underwear. Awkward.
  • Josh turns red and jumps up to find his pants. As he does, Emma looks around his room, which looks pretty much the same as when they were little. Except for his weights.
  • Emma asks him to come over so they can go back online and look at Kevin Storm and her baby. Josh says that she can go ahead and look by herself, as long as she doesn't change anything.
  • Emma goes back home to look, but unfortunately Kevin doesn't have his own profile.
  • Also, instead of a baby girl, she has two boys—just like that, Olivia's gone.
  • But there's something more disturbing than having two boys: She finds a link to Kellan's Facebook and finds a post about having a fourteen-year-old daughter. Fifteen years in the future.
  • And not only is Kellan a mother of a teenager, she's a single mom, too. And doing the math… this means that she's going to be pregnant soon.
  • Josh comes over to join her, but all Emma can think about is poor Kellan. She has to do something to help her friend—unless, of course, it's already too late.

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