Study Guide

The Future of Us Chapter 41

By Asher, Jay and Mackler, Carolyn

Chapter 41


  • Josh is outside after saying goodbye to Sydney. He noticed that Emma ignored Sydney and him—she's been so moody lately.
  • Sure enough, Emma comes marching out of her house with her arms crossed and demands to know why he didn't come right over.
  • Honestly? Josh didn't know she was waiting. You know, because he's not psychic. But anyway.
  • Emma points out that after their busy day at school (she dumped Graham and he hung out with Sydney) they should check and see if anything in their future has changed.
  • For the record, Josh doesn't think his future has changed.
  • Once they're in her room, Emma starts guilt-tripping him: Every time she tried to talk to him at school he was busy doing other stuff. With girls.
  • Emma scrolls through her friends list looking for Cody, so Josh gets up to use the bathroom.
  • In the hall, Josh sees old pictures of them, including one from a middle school dance, where he first decided that he had a crush on Emma.
  • When he returns, Emma's come up with a new theory: If big things affect the future in lots of tiny ripples, what happens when you make a tiny ripple in time?
  • Josh cautions her against it—he doesn't want to mess with anything more than they have to—but Emma ignores him and proceeds to dump a vase of water onto her white carpet. She knows that her stepdad won't be happy about it and there's sure to be a consequence.
  • Emma refreshes the Facebook page to see if anything's different. Her Facebook status is different, but to the same effect: She's going out to dinner with her husband, but it doesn't sound like the best night ever.
  • Emma and Josh start bickering about their futures again. Emma's being reckless because she doesn't like her future, Josh wants to leave their futures alone—same old argument.
  • Emma challenges Josh about his feelings for Sydney and says he doesn't have anything going for him.
  • Meanwhile, on Facebook, Emma's current location has changed to Ohio, which means that she's not working on the coast at her dream job. It's probably Kevin's fault.
  • Emma vows to never live in Ohio and refreshes the page again. Now she lives in London.
  • Josh is getting uneasy and tells Emma to stop messing around.
  • Emma looks up and they become locked in a staring contest. Which slowly turns into a kiss, as Emma asks, "How do you think this will affect our future?" (41.82).
  • Neither of them resists.

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