Study Guide

The Future of Us Chapter 42

By Asher, Jay and Mackler, Carolyn

Chapter 42


  • Josh steps back and Emma realizes that she's made a mistake; she feels weak and sits down. Why did she do that?
  • When Josh left for the bathroom, Emma rummaged through his backpack. She doesn't know why she did that either, but she found an unopened back of boxers. Does this have to do with Sydney?
  • Josh is angry. First Emma rejects him and now she thinks its okay to kiss him and then forget about it. Ugh. He calls her out on dumping Graham, flirting with Cody, and kissing him all in one day.
  • Emma yells at Josh to take it back, and he storms out of the room—once he's gone, Emma takes a photo of them off her wall and tears it up into the trash can.
  • Emma tries to justify her actions in her mind, and fuming, she gets back on Facebook where she sees a picture of her and Kevin in London.
  • She has gotten rid of her maiden name on Facebook and now has lots of posts complaining about her life, all of which implies that her husband is controlling her life.
  • And she is no longer friends with Josh on Facebook.
  • She's not friends with Cody either, but sees from his profile that he is still hot and still single.
  • Just then her stepdad calls her from downstairs—her dad is on the phone.
  • Her dad is hurt that she never thanked him for the new computer. Instead of apologizing, though, Emma's response is to make him feel guilty for leaving her and then to hang up the phone.

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