Study Guide

The Future of Us Chapter 44

By Asher, Jay and Mackler, Carolyn

Chapter 44


  • Emma sees Josh in her rearview mirror—she will not apologize to him because she's upset by his harsh words yesterday.
  • She knows that she has to apologize to her dad, though, so she calls him but nobody picks up.
  • Finals are on the way, but Emma's not in the mood to study. She spends the morning miserable and avoiding Josh in the hallway.
  • At lunch with Kellan, she thinks about Kellan's future. Something's definitely up with her and her Tyson; Emma can feel it.
  • When she tells Kellan she wants to avoid the boys at lunch, Kellan tells her that Sydney was at the front desk getting Josh excused from class for the afternoon.
  • Just what Emma needed to hear.

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