Study Guide

The Future of Us Chapter 45

By Asher, Jay and Mackler, Carolyn

Chapter 45


  • At lunch, Tyson confronts Josh about hanging out with Sydney—and not telling him.
  • Josh admits that nothing serious has happened with Sydney—and then he remembers that things did go down with Emma.
  • While he thinks about it all, Josh realizes that the only reason Emma kissed him was to create a ripple in the future. Ouch.
  • In class that afternoon, Josh thinks about why Emma didn't show up for lunch and decides that either she's too embarrassed about what happened, or she went home to check Facebook.
  • Then Josh gets another sheet of paper calling him to the front desk. His only thought: The school has found out about Facebook. He packs his backpack and thinks about how much trouble he's going to be in.
  • It's a false alarm, though, and Sydney is standing outside the office waiting for him. Apparently, she called in a favor and he is excused to help her run errands for Student Council. Sweet deal.
  • They get into a Jeep that she's borrowing from her sister, and Josh notices a business card on the seat which Sydney explains is for one of her dad's companies.
  • Josh thinks about how he's going to work for her dad someday.
  • Their first stop is the trophy shop, where Sydney reveals that one of the trophies is for her. Apparently everyone in Sydney's family is really athletic. Because of course they are.
  • During conversation, Sydney mentions that she has identical twin sisters and that identical twins run in her family. Ah… that explains why she and Josh have a set of twins in each version of their future.
  • While he's thinking about their future twins, Sydney notices that Josh is quiet. To break the silence, Josh absentmindedly asks her if she wants kids someday. Really, Josh?
  • Sydney chats on, talking about the things that her family does together. For example, they help put together a picnic for prison inmates. She complains that last year she took an ex-boyfriend and he was super immature about the whole thing.
  • As they drive past the donut shop that Josh and Emma always stop at, Josh offers to buy them some, but Sydney politely declines.

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