Study Guide

The Future of Us Chapter 47

By Asher, Jay and Mackler, Carolyn

Chapter 47


  • Josh is helping Sydney unload tons of snacks from a shopping cart, which apparently are not for the Student Council, though she failed to mention this while they were at the store.
  • Instead, the snacks are for her friend Rick's party on Friday night. Everyone's been talking about it all week, and Rick asked Sydney to help get stuff for this party. Rick is also one of Sydney's exes.
  • Josh thinks about how when he first got in Sydney's car, he was over the moon; now things feel kind of average, though.
  • They head toward Crown Lake, where Rick lives.
  • Josh thinks about how weird it would be for him to show up at his ex's house. But when Rick comes outside he's friendly and Josh doesn't see him as a threat.
  • After unloading the car, Rick and Sydney disappear in the house to find her wallet. This leaves Josh to think over his own ideas about what's okay in a relationship, which may or may not include spending time with an ex while you're out with a date (ahem, Sydney).
  • Sydney comes out and gets back in the car. Josh notices that she looks relaxed and content, which is the opposite of how Josh feels. Things are going to have to change in this department if they're supposed to get married.

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