Study Guide

The Future of Us Part 6: Friday / Chapter 50

By Asher, Jay and Mackler, Carolyn

Part 6: Friday / Chapter 50


  • Emma's mom wakes her up early to complain that she took out the blank tape in the television to watch Wayne's World. Every week they tape Seinfeld; Emma should have remembered that.
  • Her mom continues to talk about her lack of respect, bringing up the dumped water vase, just as Emma predicted.
  • Emma's angry that Martin was even in her room to notice the carpet stain—he wasn't given permission to do that. Emma and her mom start fighting.
  • On Facebook, Emma's relationship status is "It's Complicated." Huh. She's still friends with Cody, but still not friends with Josh.
  • She also posts that she's changing her password, the one that she's used forever, the one that was a joke between her and Josh. But if she changes her password, Emma won't be able to get into Facebook anymore…
  • Worried about losing all of her old memories, Emma takes the picture she threw away in anger the day before and tapes it back together.

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