Study Guide

The Future of Us Chapter 51

By Asher, Jay and Mackler, Carolyn

Chapter 51


  • As Josh walks down the hallway at school, he wishes he could go back and undo so many things. What things exactly? Kissing Emma and giving her that CD-ROM.
  • Sydney catches up to him in the hallway and asks what his plans are for lunch; Josh explains that although he wants her to come, he has to clear up a rough patch with a friend.
  • Sydney's cool with it and tells him that she had a nice time yesterday. She also apologizes for dragging him along to Rick's, and then she invites him to the party.
  • Josh doesn't know what to do. If he goes, then he might be rushing things with Sydney and their future might change. But he realizes that he'd be an idiot not to go, so he agrees.
  • Sure enough, Emma is at lunch, but she's very quiet. Tyson and Kellan are throwing fries at each other and Emma extends the white flag by giving Josh a piece of cheese.
  • Tyson and Kellan start chasing each other around the field, which gives Josh a chance to apologize to Emma.
  • Emma is moody at first and tries to blow it off, but eventually she lightens up and they make up.
  • When Tyson and Kellan come back they all start talking about the bonfire. Emma, however, says she's staying home.

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