Study Guide

The Future of Us Chapter 52

By Asher, Jay and Mackler, Carolyn

Chapter 52


  • Emma's upset because Josh is going to the party with Sydney. Even worse: She knows they aren't Facebook friends in their future.
  • After lunch she runs into Cody and manages to impress him with a quote from Wayne's World. As they walk toward the track field, he puts his arm over her shoulders and she can't believe her luck.
  • She runs extra hard at practice to impress Cody, and afterward, he invites her over to listen to that Dave Matthews tape.
  • Before meeting Cody at his car, Emma catches up with Kellan and fills her in. She also asks Kellan to drive her car home since, you know, she's getting a ride with Cody.
  • Kellan insinuates that she and Tyson might be getting back together and then asks about Emma and Josh. Emma shuts the topic down fast, though, and then leaves.

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