Study Guide

The Future of Us Chapter 55

By Asher, Jay and Mackler, Carolyn

Chapter 55


  • Josh has been working on a series of abstract charcoal drawings when he hears Emma's car pull into the driveway. He's confused when he sees Kellan get out.
  • Kellan delivers the news that Emma is with Cody, and furthermore, she blames Josh for them hanging out because of some "weird competition" (55.13).
  • Kellan also calls him out on his "whatever" attitude toward Sydney. She says that no girl deserves to get dragged around—not even Sydney.
  • Out of desperation, Josh calls his brother. Even though he knows that David is gay, he hopes that maybe he'll be able to shed some light on his situation.
  • David is impressed when Josh tells him about Sydney; his brother went to school with her hot older sisters.
  • But Josh tells him that he's just not so sure that it's the right thing for him.
  • David knows his little brother well, though, so he says that even though Josh likes to go with the flow, occasionally he's going to have to be active about figuring out his life.
  • David tells Josh that if there's another girl he likes better, he should absolutely think twice about Sydney.

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