Study Guide

The Future of Us Chapter 56

By Asher, Jay and Mackler, Carolyn

Chapter 56


  • Meanwhile, Emma is giving Cody a shoulder massage in a gorgeous house.
  • When her fingers start aching she stops and he offers to give her a massage. His massage turns seductive right away and he starts kissing her shoulders. Emma is trying to remain calm, but then starts thinking logically.
  • She asks him if he comes here often with other girls, a question that obviously irritates him. As he continues to rub her shoulders, she starts to realize that he's really conceited and doesn't talk about anybody but himself.
  • Emma's made up her mind, and with that, she jumps up and tells Cody that she wants to go home. Cody responds by getting irritated, which only makes her more ready to bounce.
  • When she insists on walking home, though, he grabs her and tries to make her stay. She shoves him off, calls him a jerk (or something to that effect), and leaves. You go, girl.
  • On her long walk home, Emma thinks about Josh and Facebook—basically everything bad that's happened to her all week.
  • Then it hits her: This stuff might be happening because she's messing up her present.
  • She thinks about all of her ex-boyfriends and realizes that they're all nice guys, not jerks like Jordan Jones Jr., who was probably cheating on her.
  • And now, finally, she realizes that she never let anybody get close enough to love her. Who knows? Maybe this is why she ends up miserable with her future husbands. At the rate she's going, she might end up marrying a jerk like Cody.
  • When she gets home she sees a note from her stepdad saying that he wants to spend some time with her to make up for going into her room without her permission.
  • Then she checks her messages and hears a voicemail from her dad apologizing for being busy lately. The reason he's been busy is because his new baby daughter has been in and out of the hospital.
  • Emma starts to cry and realizes she's been too wrapped up in herself to even think about Rachel (her stepsister) since she was born.
  • She logs onto Facebook. Luckily she hasn't changed her password yet and her status today says that she's thinking of getting rid of her account altogether.
  • This time, instead of checking to see where she lives or who her new husband is, she scrolls through her friends and finds what she's looking for: her stepsister is alive in fifteen years.
  • Emma starts crying in relief.
  • She and Josh are also friends again. And this? It's all Emma needs to know.
  • Emma calls her dad back and talks to her stepmother, who sounds really stressed out; Emma reassures her that Rachel is going to be okay, and then they chat for a little bit.
  • After she gets off the phone, she steps outside and sees a note that Kellan put on her car. Kellan insists that they go to the bonfire together.

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