Study Guide

The Future of Us Part 2: Monday / Chapter 6

By Asher, Jay and Mackler, Carolyn

Part 2: Monday / Chapter 6


  • Josh is getting ready for school and hears Emma start and stop her car.
  • He can hear Emma run into her house, and since their room windows are opposite each other, he sees her grab her saxophone from the closet; when they were younger they used to write each other notes from the windows.
  • They meet outside and Josh asks for a ride.
  • Emma is in a bit of a mood, and Josh wonders if it's about Graham, her boyfriend.
  • Josh tells her that he doesn't understand: If the website's a joke, why would people would make up a bad future for her?
  • They both discuss how it could even be possible to see something from the future. The Internet is a new wonder, so maybe it's just so advanced it can do something like that.
  • Josh still thinks it's a prank, though, which makes Emma upset because she says that if he saw his future look horrible, he'd care more about it.
  • And now she fesses up: She saw something about his future on Facebook, too.

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