Study Guide

The Future of Us Chapter 60

By Asher, Jay and Mackler, Carolyn

Chapter 60


  • Kellan joins Emma. She admits that she thought things with Josh might work out okay tonight., then she offers to take Emma home. Emma can tell that she and Tyson aren't ready to leave the party yet, though.
  • Tyson offers to drive with them to drop her off, but Emma catches a look between them, and remembers seeing a couple of sleeping bags in the back of Tyson's truck. No way is she leaving them to make their big mistake tonight.
  • Emma runs over to Sydney and Josh and awkwardly asks to borrow Josh's sweatshirt. When he gives it to her, she whispers to him that she needs his wallet, too.
  • She takes a few steps back from the crowd and quietly takes the old condom out of Josh's wallet and puts it in the pocket of her sweatshirt. Then she gives it back to him.
  • Emma gets back to her friends and hands Kellan the sweatshirt, saying she might need it to keep out the cold later in the evening. It's a long shot, but hopefully they'll notice the condom in the pocket if they need it.
  • Before she leaves, Emma hints that the pockets are really soft.

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