Study Guide

The Future of Us Chapter 64

By Asher, Jay and Mackler, Carolyn

Chapter 64


  • Emma wakes up and is confused: Why is Tyson yelling at her to get up? She looks out the window and sees them in the glass holding a note telling her to get downstairs in three minutes.
  • They all pile into the car and Josh asks where they're going. Emma is surprised that he isn't in on this scheme either.
  • They head to GoodTimez Pizza, where it's so late that they have the place to themselves.
  • Tyson and Kellan start playing the arcade games, which gives Emma the opportunity talk to Josh alone. They chat for a little, and to Emma's relief, it's not awkward.
  • At the same time, Emma and Josh both admit that they have something to tell each other.
  • Emma goes first: They can't get into Facebook anymore since her future self canceled her account.
  • Josh's turn: He's decided not to be with Sydney.
  • After these confessions, Tyson and Kellan yell at Josh and Emma to join them in the ball pit.
  • In the pit, Emma's hand accidentally touches Josh's—and rather than pulling away, he puts his hand over hers.

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