Study Guide

The Future of Us Love

By Asher, Jay and Mackler, Carolyn


Love is in the air and on the Internet in The Future of Us, but to mixed success. Kellan and Tyson can't seem to figure out what they want from each other; Josh and Emma are struggling to regain their friendship after Josh's romantic revelation before the book opens; and Emma cannot seem to leave her future alone based on her dislike of the husbands Facebook shows await her. And that's really just to name a few of the ways love is woven into this story. While we see love in all sorts of forms, both good and bad, one thing is always true: It ain't easy… until, of course, it is.

Questions About Love

  1. Do you think that Emma has a thing for Josh all along and just doesn't realize it? Why or why not? Use the text, yo.
  2. Do you think that Tyson and Kellan have a chance of being together in the future, or do you think that they'll both move on and find other people? What makes you think so?
  3. Do you think Sydney is just a distraction, or do you think that being with her helps Josh understand some things about his own heart? Depending on your answer, what's up with them being married?

Chew on This

This book doesn't believe in true love—that's why Emma has so many different future husbands.

This book totally believes in true love—it's been Josh all along for Emma, she's just been too scared to realize it.

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