Study Guide

Anna Blumberg in The Golem and the Jinni

By Helene Wecker

Anna Blumberg

All the Single Ladies…

Anna traveled to New York from Cincinnati with the hopes of joining the theater. Instead, she works at a bakery and gets knocked up, and not in a funny Katherine Heigl sort of way. She ends up ditching Irving, her abusive boyfriend, and raising her child by herself, but she seems to be doing a good job of it the last time we see her.

Anna is a character who allows the Golem to show her own nurturing, mentor-y side. But she also teaches the Golem a few things about life, too. For everything that Chava does right at the bakery, Anna screws up… and vice versa. For instance, Anna is warm and personable where Chava can come across as chilly and aloof.

They're a pretty unexpected pair, but Anna becomes a good friend to the Golem—she introduces her to her friends and takes her dancing at the club. Unfortunately, when her relationship with Irving explodes, the Golem defends Anna by almost beating Irving to death, and Anna blackmails the Jinni, saying she'll tattle on Chava to the police if he doesn't pay her.

Even though this is a pretty despicable act, we still sympathize with Anna. What else is a single pregnant girl supposed to do to get by in New York in the 19th century? The Golem ends up forgiving her, and Anna ends up giving the Golem supportive pep talks after Saleh and Michael die. Forgive and encourage, just like friends do.