Study Guide

Fadwa and Abu Yusuf Al-Hadid in The Golem and the Jinni

By Helene Wecker

Fadwa and Abu Yusuf Al-Hadid

Desert Rose

We only get to see these desert Bedouins in the flashbacks that conclude most of the book's chapters. They're humans, spending their days hunting, sewing, and milking goats—and this mundane lifestyle absolutely fascinates the Jinni.

The Jinni seduces Fadwa, much in the same way he seduces Sophia in New York. And, also like Sophia, he ends up leaving her, and his careless ways really hurt her. He often comes to her in her dreams, and when he goes too deep, he leaves her in a coma.

This ends up coming back to bite him, because Abu Yusuf takes his comatose daughter to Wahab ibn Malik to exorcise her. This results in ibn Malik killing Abu Yusuf, enslaving the Jinni, and having him kill Fadwa. Yikes.

After being imprisoned for a thousand years, the Jinni has forgotten all this. His memory comes back much later, but by then, he's already repeated many of the same mistakes with Sophia. Thankfully they aren't fatal, though. When the Jinni returns to the desert, he honors the Al-Hadids by building a tomb around their remains, but he can never bring them back, or correct what he did.