Study Guide

The Golem and the Jinni Chapter 13

By Helene Wecker

Chapter 13

  • Arbeely and the Jinni argue about religion. The Jinni doesn't share Arbeely's faith.
  • When Arbeely returns from Mass, the Jinni is gone, but he's left Arbeely a small silver owl as an apology.
  • The Jinni has set out to find the Golem.
  • In her boardinghouse room, the Golem is sticking herself with pins. No, she's not auditioning for Golem's Got Talent or practicing Xtreme Acupuncture, she's seeing how quickly her body regenerates itself when injured.
  • She looks out the window and sees the Jinni lurking by the lamppost.
  • She watches as he molds something with his hands, sets it by the lamppost, and disappears; when she rushes down to grab it, she discovers it's a small silver bird.
  • He comes back the next night, and the Golem decides to go out and speak with him.
  • Although she's wary at first, she eventually agrees to go on a walk with him to the aquarium.
  • At the aquarium, the talk about the ocean, their different experiences under a "master," and what they both want out of life.
  • When they leave, they agree to go for a walk once a week.
  • One his way home, the Jinni is met by Ice Cream Saleh, who asks, "What are you?"(13.205).
  • The Jinni is disturbed that someone else can see his true nature.