Study Guide

The Golem and the Jinni Chapter 14

By Helene Wecker

Chapter 14

  • When Michael Levy returns to the Sheltering House from the hospital, he discovers there's a new man who is practically his assistant: Joseph Schall.
  • The con-artist formerly known as Yehudah Schaalman has ingratiated himself into the Sheltering House's inner workings.
  • Meanwhile, the Golem and the Jinni have their weekly night walks, and talk about independence and happiness and hats.
  • The Golem warns the Jinni to wear a hat if the weather is bad. He agrees.
  • Out in the Syrian Desert, the Jinni visits Fadwa once again, and they talk about love, parents, and jealousy.
  • Then Fadwa wakes up. She spends her day with her eyes closed, imaging herself in the Jinni's palace.