Study Guide

The Golem and the Jinni Chapter 2

By Helene Wecker

Chapter 2

  • Meanwhile, in Little Syria, Boutrous Arbeely, the tinsmith, is given a flask to repair by the coffee shop owner, Maryam Faddoul.
  • The flask explodes open mid-repair, and a naked man shoots out. This jinni is a lot hunkier than the one voiced by Robin Williams.
  • He has a large iron cuff around one wrist, and he starts ranting about the wizard who put him there.
  • Arbeely tells the Jinni that he is in New York City, then he gives him a shirt and takes him outside to prove it to him.
  • The Jinni wonders how he got so far from his home in the Syrian Desert—he doesn't remember anything that's happened to him, but he's apparently been inside the flask for over a thousand years.
  • He decides that if he ended up anywhere, at least he's in New York, "somewhere worth exploring" (2.72), and not, say, Cleveland.
  • The Jinni is made of fire, and he gets cold easily, so he goes inside and falls asleep near the forge.
  • When he wakes up, he asks Arbeely what he's doing.
  • He's patching a teakettle, which he hands to the Jinni, who is able to repair the tin with his bare hands.
  • Arbeely decides to offer the man a job.
  • Meanwhile, in a place and time we're unsure of, the Jinni wanders the halls of his glass palace, waiting for three days and three nights of rain to subside.