Study Guide

The Golem and the Jinni Chapter 20

By Helene Wecker

Chapter 20

  • An article in the paper talks about a "Dance Hall Attack Mystery" (20.1), which is totally the name of our new punk-pop band.
  • Meanwhile, Yehudah Schaalman has been depressed ever since seeing the golem. He thinks she might have the secret to eternal life, but he can't follow her because she can sense his presence.
  • He discovers that a rabbi named Avram Meyer collected all the mystical books in the area (he's going to rack up a ton of late fees from beyond the grave), and then he learns that man was Michael's uncle.
  • Michael tells Joseph/Yehudah that he gave all the Rabbi's books to charity. Drat.
  • Then he reveals that he's getting married to the girl from the bakery, Chava—Joseph/Yehudah feels faint.
  • He wanders out to a brothel, where he smokes opium with a not-so-young lass. In his altered state of mind, he slips into his dowsing spell, which leads him to a tobacco shop called Conroy's. But no one there knows any Golem named Chava or Michael Levy.
  • On the RMS Oceanic, Sophia Winston is sick with fever. She's returning from Europe, where she collapsed with "blood staining her skirts" (20.69), having miscarried the Jinni's baby.
  • She vows to keep her balcony door locked when she returns home.
  • The Golem is preparing for her wedding, but she's worried because Anna hasn't come back to work and she has no idea if she killed Irving or not.
  • Michael arranged for none other than Joseph Schall to walk the Golem down the aisle.
  • Fitting that he's playing father of the bride, seeing as how he made her, right?
  • Schall is able to do it because of a new spell he recently cast—one which hides his thoughts from the Golem.
  • As he walks her down the aisle, he thinks "I will destroy you someday" (20.106), but she has no clue.