Study Guide

The Golem and the Jinni Chapter 21

By Helene Wecker

Chapter 21

  • Maryam and Arbeely talk about Matthew's mother, who is ill, while the Jinni works in the forge, bored with the repetition of the job.
  • Meanwhile, Michael and the Golem are settling into domestic bliss. Well, it would be blissful were it not for the awkwardness in the bedroom and the fact that she doesn't seem to eat or sleep.
  • She spends all night trying to remember to pretend to breathe so he doesn't think she's died in her sleep.
  • Sam Hosseini, who bought the Jinni's necklaces, ends up selling one quickly to a young woman and her aunt.
  • The Bedouin wedding necklace causes the young woman to burst into tears.
  • It's Sophia, obviously, thinking of the Jinni, whom she spots as she's leaving the shop.
  • She gives him a look of "naked, vulnerable sadness" (21.93), and turns away from him.
  • In the Syrian Desert, Fadwa is in a coma and her father, Abu Yusuf, takes her to weird old hermit Wahab ibn Malik for an exorcism.
  • He says he can heal her and capture the jinni who did this to her.