Study Guide

The Golem and the Jinni Chapter 22

By Helene Wecker

Chapter 22

  • Yehudah Schaalman is using his dowsing spell, hoping to sniff out… whatever he's trying to sniff out.
  • He visits Radzin's Bakery in the morning, where the Golem is trying to calm down Anna's replacement, Ruby. She's new and making tons of mistakes.
  • Chava takes her turn at the register, and she sells Joseph Schall (or as she knows him, Schaalman) the rolls he needs.
  • But she senses something weird about him: that she can't feel his desires, "as though they'd been deliberately excised" (22.45). Shady…
  • Over at Ahmad and Mounsef, Metalsmithing, the new name for Arbeely's forge, young Matthew races in and drags the Jinni out the door.
  • He leads him to his apartment, where his mother is dying.
  • Maryam follows, and when she sees Matthew's mother, she runs for a doctor.
  • She returns with a doctor, who demands to see whatever quack physician Matthew's mother has been seeing.
  • Matthew fetches said quack, and everyone realizes that this doctor is a "useless charlatan" (22.86) who has no idea what he's talking about.
  • A priest is called, and people from the neighborhood gather around and pray as Matthew's mother dies.
  • Matthew clings to the Jinni for emotional support, and falls asleep; the Jinni gives him to Maryam and goes for a walk.
  • When he returns to the shop, there's a letter in the door—it's from Anna, and she's blackmailing him, threatening to tell the police about how Chava attacked Irving.
  • At home, the Golem and Michael gossip about Mr. Schall.
  • That night, Michael wakes up and realizes that Chava is lying lifeless beside him; he wakes her up, and wonders if he was just dreaming or not.
  • Thinking about Joseph Schall, Michael remembers how he had been asking about the Rabbi's books.
  • Michael goes through some of his uncle's papers, and finds one with the sentence "I have named her Chava" (22.151). Dun dun dun…
  • Is he married to some sort of a creature who isn't a real woman? (We bet Kanye has asked himself the same question.)
  • In the Syrian Desert, the nutso hermit Malik works on a way to capture the jinni that has possessed Fadwa.