Study Guide

The Golem and the Jinni Chapter 24

By Helene Wecker

Chapter 24

  • Schaalman finds himself in the apartment building with the tin ceiling in the lobby. When he looks at the ceiling, he's struck by an image of a beautiful palace made of glass, and he passes out on the floor.
  • He struggles to get up and continue his journey, even though he's not really sure what the heck he's looking for.
  • The Golem decides to visit her husband at the Sheltering House, but when she gets there, she realizes that he's learned a bit about her true nature.
  • He freaks out, as you would if you found out your wife was made of clay.
  • His anger makes the Golem angry and, afraid she'll hurt him, she orders him to run.
  • He Forrest Gumps his way right out of there, and when she looks at the materials he was reading, she realizes that Joseph Schall is the man who made her.
  • Across town, Saleh goes to the Jinni's apartment to crash. As he starts to relax, though, there's a knock at the door.
  • It's Schaalman. He forces his way in and, before he can ask where Ahmad is, realizes that the man in the apartment is possessed.
  • He puts his hands on either side of Saleh's face and pushes his way inside, accessing a memory of the Jinni telling Saleh that he'll be in the Bowery.
  • Saleh crumples to the floor, and Schaalman leaves.
  • On the rooftops of the Bowery, the Jinni has an idea, but the crafty little bugger doesn't tell us what it is.
  • Saleh actually recovers from his mental invasion and, miraculously, he can see again.
  • One of the things he sees in the Jinni's apartment is his menagerie of homemade figurines.
  • He takes one, and decides to stroll over to the Bowery—if he happens to bump into the Jinni, maybe he'll warn him. ("Oh, hey, nice to see you, a crazy old man with psychic powers is after you.")
  • Schaalman ends up back at Conroy's tobacco shop and bumps smack dab into the Jinni.
  • He grabs him by the wrist and—kaboom—all the windows in Conroy's shop explode.