Study Guide

The Golem and the Jinni Chapter 25

By Helene Wecker

Chapter 25

  • The Jinni's memories have returned. He's really regretting his goofy appearance in Disney on Ice.
  • So, it's confirmed, Shmoopers, the Jinni in the Syrian Desert portions is the same Jinni as our Jinni.
  • When nutso hermit ibn Malik attempts to rouse Fadwa from her coma, he summons the Jinni and clamps the iron cuff on his wrist.
  • After binding the Jinni to himself, ibn Malik then murders Fadwa's father.
  • He orders the Jinni to wake Fadwa, and he must obey the orders, even though he doesn't want to.
  • Something else he doesn't want to do: kill her. But ibn Malik orders him to, and so he strangles the girl to death.
  • Then he whooshes the Jinni into the flask that held him for a thousand years.
  • Ibn Malik is feeling pretty cocky, and he doesn't realize that he didn't quite kill Abu Yusuf, Fadwa's pops.
  • Pops springs up from near-death and guts ibn Malik with a knife. Then dies. Again. For good.
  • Ibn Malik tries to stuff his intestines back into his body, and he hops on Abu Yusuf's horse and rides away: "He'd made it halfway across the valley when the jackals descended" (25.74). Bummer.
  • Oh wait… Ibn Malik is later reborn. And when that body dies, he's reborn again and again and again, until he finds himself within the body of Yehudah Schaalman.