Study Guide

The Golem and the Jinni Chapter 26

By Helene Wecker

Chapter 26

  • Conroy wakes up the Jinni. Schaalman is nearby, unconscious.
  • The Jinni tells Conroy that Schaalman is a dangerous murderer who once killed a fifteen-year-old girl.
  • Conroy helps the Jinni escape, and tells him that he won't tell the police he was even there.
  • Saleh happened to be walking by when the shop exploded, so he decides to follow the Jinni.
  • He goes to Anna's apartment and gives her a message, but we're not sure what it says yet.
  • When he leaves, he runs into Saleh, who tells the Jinni that a man is following him. ("Yeah, too late for that, bro.")
  • Saleh and the Jinni hop on the Elevated together and ride it to Central Park.
  • At Radzin's, the Golem is stressed about the whole my-husband-knows-I'm-not-human thing (we've never read about how to deal with that in Cosmo), when Anna comes in.
  • The message tells Chava that she's in danger, and it includes the paper of Golem-destroying instructions he once stole from her.
  • The Golem doesn't plan on running—she needs to find the Jinni. Where, oh where could he be?
  • In Central Park, the Jinni knocks out Saleh, guiltily, so that the man won't stop him from what he's about to do: crawl into the fountain at the base of the Angel of the Waters and kill himself.
  • The Golem runs to Central Park and pulls the Jinni from the fountain; he's all shriveled.
  • Saleh wakes up, and the Golem tells him that they need warmth to revive him.
  • Saleh says he knows a place, and the Golem scoops the Jinni up like he's nothing.