Study Guide

The Golem and the Jinni Chapter 27

By Helene Wecker

Chapter 27

  • Old Yehudah Schaalman/Joseph Schall/ibn Malik(/James Franco for all we know at this point) is unconscious in a prison cell.
  • A guard checks on him, and a hand shoots out and grabs the guard. Eek.
  • Schaalman experiences a few flashes of past lives, and when he wakes up, he sees that he's totally fried the prison guard.
  • As a bonus, the cell door is open. Schaalman escapes.
  • Sophia is sipping that bub(ble tea) at her mansion when a women busts up in there carrying the Jinni.
  • The Golem chucks the Jinni right into the fireplace.
  • None of this happened without considerable commotion, though, so the butler and his posse come into Sophia's room—but Sophia tells them to butt out and not to call the police.
  • When they leave, the Golem fills Sophia in on what happened, and they wrap the Jinni up in her bed.
  • Sophia decides it might be a good idea to put her engagement on hold and do some traveling… perhaps to some warmer climates.
  • Over at the Sheltering House, Michael sits at his desk and realizes that Joseph Schall's papers are gone.
  • Speak of the reincarnated devil, Joseph Schall pops his wizened little head in the door.
  • Michael tells Joseph that he knows who he really is, and sadly, Joseph kills him using his weird little head trick, pretty much tearing the poor man apart psychically.
  • Schaalman goes through Michael's drawers and finds the Rabbi's formula, the one that will bind the Golem to a master.