Study Guide

The Golem and the Jinni Chapter 28

By Helene Wecker

Chapter 28

  • The Jinni tells the Golem about his history, the death of Fadwa, the eternal lives of ibn Malik, and everything else she isn't current on.
  • The Golem tells him "Yes, you were selfish and careless with Fadwa" (28.11), but she tells him not to blame himself for everything else.
  • Sophia bustles in with clothes for the Jinni. He dresses, and says he has a plan. All we know, though, is that it involves his flask.
  • Meanwhile, Anna is hiding Schaalman's spells, which the Golem gave her, at the dance hall.
  • Schaalman has a vision of a pregnant girl with a mysterious parcel, and he decides to pursue her.
  • The Jinni's plan seems to be to go back into the flask. The Golem does not approve.
  • Despite the lackluster plan, they retrieve the flask from Maryam Faddoul, and Jinni asks her to tell young Matthew goodbye for him.
  • Before they can enact the plan, the Jinni has a vision of himself choking Anna—he realizes that Schaalman can control him, just as ibn Malik could.
  • They run for Anna, and pass Saleh, who decides again, what the heck, might as well follow.