Study Guide

The Golem and the Jinni Chapter 29

By Helene Wecker

Chapter 29

  • At the dance hall, Schaalman proposes a trade: If the Golem agrees to take Schaalman as her master, he'll spare Anna's life.
  • She agrees, and he utters the mastering spell.
  • Anna is freed, just as Saleh creeps into the darkened dance hall.
  • Schaalman commands the Golem to pick up the flask in order to imprison the Jinni.
  • When the Jinni snatches the gold chain from her neck, the Golem flips out and flings the Jinni into one of the dance hall's mirrored columns.
  • Saleh runs out to grab the flask, and the Golem grabs him—just as she's about to kill him, the Jinni recovers and tackles her to the ground.
  • Saleh grabs the flask, and speaks the words from the locket around the Golem's neck.
  • With that, the flask sucks up its new prisoner: Yehudah Schaalman.