Study Guide

The Golem and the Jinni Chapter 3

By Helene Wecker

Chapter 3

  • The Golem, like Sookie Stackhouse, is bothered by the thoughts of everyone in New York.
  • Passing a shop, she notices an ornate hat and touches the glass to get a better look.
  • She doesn't know her own strength, though, and the glass shatters, sending the Golem running, faster than Louie Zamperini.
  • The Golem is able to feel the hunger of a young, poor boy on the street. To help him, she takes a man's knish and gives it to the boy.
  • Thus begins the great knish kerfuffle of 1899. A man in a black coat, who has been following her, steps in and pays for the knish to calm down the angry crowd.
  • The man turns out to be Rabbi Avram Meyer. He could tell that the Golem is a Golem… and he wonders whether or not he should destroy her.
  • Being able to read thoughts, the Golem knows that he's considering this, and she becomes wary of him.
  • He explains that he's not going to, and she needs to learn how to judge people "by their actions, not their thoughts" (3.63).
  • The Rabbi buys her some clothes and brings her home with him.
  • Over in Little Syria, Arbeely and the Jinni are struggling to live and work together in such a small space.
  • The Jinni doesn't sleep, and he's feeling claustrophobic all cramped up.
  • He's also lamenting the loss of some his powers, like the ability to enter men's dreams.
  • Way out in the Syrian Desert, the Jinni spies on a nearby Bedouin camp, especially the pretty young girl who lives there.