Study Guide

The Golem and the Jinni Chapter 4

By Helene Wecker

Chapter 4

  • The Golem and the Rabbi are also attempting to learn how to live with one another.
  • She has a difficult time not staying busy, and the Rabbi concedes to let her do light housecleaning.
  • At night, she reads Bible stories given to her by the Rabbi, but she has a hard time believing stories like Noah and the Ark are real.
  • Eventually, the Rabbi realizes he can't keep the Golem cooped up all the time, and they go for a walk together.
  • He's glad she's able to walk in public without going all Hulk smash on everything and everyone in sight. Maybe he won't have to destroy her after all…
  • See, he could if he wanted to. He found the Golem's belongings, including an envelope labeled Commands for the Golem, in the pocket of her coat. She seems to have forgotten about them because they were put there by Rotfeld. Anyway, the Rabbi hides them from her.
  • Back in Germany, Yehudah Schaalman decides to go to America—he's been obsessed with Rotfeld and the Golem ever since he made her.
  • He doesn't know why he's so obsessed, but he remembers the time he found a mystic book and how he felt "some influence, divine or demonic, had led him to this place" (4.101).