Study Guide

The Golem and the Jinni Chapter 6

By Helene Wecker

Chapter 6

  • The Rabbi brings the Golem a cookbook, hoping that baking will keep her mind occupied during the day.
  • It does, and she bakes enough to feed the Rabbi for a week.
  • Not wanting all the extra food to spoil, they take the food to the Rabbi's nephew, Michael, who runs a hostel (not a scary kind) for immigrants.
  • Oh—but first she needs a name, too. They decide on Chava, which was the Rabbi's grandmother's name.
  • They walk over to the Hebrew Sheltering House, and even though the relationship between Michael and the Rabbi is strained (Michael renounced his religion), Michael greets them warmly.
  • Chava gives Michael some macaroons, which are his favorite; they tell Michael that Chava is a widow and she needs a job.
  • Michael has the perfect place: Radzin's bakery.
  • They leave, and the Rabbi tells Chava that she shouldn't have read Michael's mind to find out that he had macaroons on the brain.
  • Also, he suggests the job idea, and she's excited about it.