Study Guide

The Golem and the Jinni Chapter 8

By Helene Wecker

Chapter 8

  • It's October, and Fall falls on New York City.
  • Chava starts work at Radzin's bakery, and she's "quite a find" (8.7)—the whole never needing a break thing that golems have is a big bonus to her work ethic.
  • The other girl at the bakery, Anna, isn't as good a worker as Chava, but she has good customer service skills.
  • However, Chava's telepathy makes her pretty good at customer service, too.
  • With Chava out of his house, the Rabbi has gone back to the way he used to live, including wondering if he should destroy Chava. Has he made a mistake by letting her survive?
  • He remembers the golem he once created, a tiny thing, and how destructive it was (like a cymbal monkey on a rampage) and how he had to destroy it.
  • He doesn't want to destroy Chava, but he wants to make sure she doesn't go bonkers and tear up New York.
  • Borrowing books from his friends, he starts to research, while back in her boardinghouse room, Chava spends her evenings sewing to pass the time.