Study Guide

The Golem and the Jinni Chapter 9

By Helene Wecker

Chapter 9

  • After recovering from the rainstorm, the Jinni moves into his own room, too.
  • He spends his evenings traveling the rooftop and smoking, an easy habit to pick up since he doesn't need matches.
  • He practices his metalwork, making small figurines, but still feels trapped: "What, he wondered, was the point of emerging from the flask, if he was only to be caged again?" (9.20).
  • One night, he returns to the Winston mansion, and to Sophia's balcony.
  • She's left her door open, so he creeps in. Instead of watching her sleep, like some creepers (ahem, Edward Cullen), he checks himself out in a mirror, because he's never seen his own reflection.
  • Sophia wakes up, and he gets into bed with her.
  • Snuggling up to the warm jinni, she notices the iron cuff on his wrist.
  • He tells her the legend of the jinni, and she tells him that she's now engaged to be married.
  • When dawn arrives, he leaves. She asks if he'll come again, and he asks if she really wants him to. They both say yes: "He did not know if either or both of them were lying" (9.78).
  • Syrian Desert time: Fadwa is having a dream (or is she?) and when she wakes up (or does she?) a man is standing over her.
  • She follows him to the invisible palace in the desert. The man tells her that her father saw it, too.
  • He reveals that he is a jinni, and that he means her no harm.
  • She tells him about her daily lifeā€”milking goats, collecting water, Farmville realness.
  • She hears her mother calling for her (because she's both asleep and awake), then the jinni says he'll see her again, and she wakes up.