Study Guide

The Golem and the Jinni Epilogue

By Helene Wecker


  • Ahmad boards a steamship for Europe with young Matthew in tow.
  • He leaves Matthew in Marseilles, where he will be living with his grandmother.
  • The Jinni eventually travels to the desert, where a camel driver leaves him there with suitcase.
  • When the camel drivers suspects his customer is crazy and will die in the desert, he returns to retrieve him, but he's gone.
  • In Central Park, Anna and the Golem take a walk with Anna's new baby, Toby, in a pram.
  • The Golem is still mourning Michael's loss, and feeling a little responsible for it; she feels guilty for Saleh's death, too.
  • Sometimes she feels Schaalman's angry thoughts—even though he's trapped, he's still her master—and she wonders if the Jinni will ever return.
  • In the desert, the Jinni gives the flask to other jinnis to watch over it until the Jinni dies. At that time, Schaalman will die, too, and can never be reincarnated.
  • Then he heads to his palace, where the bodies of Fadwa and her father still lie; their remains are too delicate to move, so he builds a tomb around them.
  • Back in New York, the Golem receives a telegram: "All accomplished except still bound tell Arbeely would like job back […] Expect me 19 Oct beneath your window" (Epilogue.90).
  • The Golem decides she'll meet him at the docks.
  • The end.