Study Guide

The Good Earth Chapter 22

By Pearl S. Buck

Chapter 22

  • The land makes everything better. 
  • Nothing bothers Wang Lung anymore, not even Lotus. He's too busy working on the land to worry about anything else. With all this farming that he's doing, it seems that everyone else has noticed that Wang Lung is a rich man. Not only that, but now he has these smart kids who can read. 
  • Around this time, Wang Lung notices that his firstborn son has become a man, and it's about time to get him a wife. The only thing is, he doesn't know where to get her, or who can help him. So it doesn't get done for a while. No problem, right? 
  • Well, all of a sudden, the older son starts going through his terrible teens. We guess emo has always existed, because he starts spending most of his days moping around the house and cutting class. 
  • Wang Lung doesn't get it, but O-lan does. She has seen it before. The problem? The oldest son is—how shall we say this?—horny. Yep. Horny. 
  • O-lan says that this "sickness" only affects young lords, but instead of being worried, Wang Lung is proud that he has a son who is like a young Lord. Then he knows where to go to fix this problem: to Lotus. Of course that's a good idea.