Study Guide

Gilsa and Finn in The Goose Girl

By Shannon Hale

Gilsa and Finn

Sarcastic, stoic, with a dry sense of humor, this mother and son duo help Ani out in a time of need. They represent the caring and loving side of humans. Remember when they first meet her? Neither of them knows that she's a real princess, and frankly, they don't care—Gilsa and Finn are happy to help the girl out who shows up on their doorstop one day without explanation.

We get a sense that Gilsa is a very caring maternal figure, something we just don't see in Ani's mom. The queen cares about Ani, sure, but she's not one to show it—in fact, she's pretty cold toward her daughter leading up to her departure for Bayern. But then Gilsa comes onto the scene with her homemade clothes and yummy baked goods, and makes us think warm and fuzzy thoughts about moms everywhere.

Gilsa and Finn risk a lot to help Ani, and never ask for anything in return. They are honest, good-natured people through and through, and are some of the only peeps Ani can trust after her guards turn traitors.

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