Study Guide

The Goose Girl Chapter 12

By Shannon Hale

Chapter 12

  • A couple days later, Geric comes to the pasture where Ani hangs out with the geese. He asks her name (which is still Isi in Bayern) and chats her up a little. It turns out the other day when it was raining, Geric brought her flowers—too bad she wasn't out there since it was, um, raining and all.
  • As Geric and Ani talk (read: flirt), little Jok runs around honking every chance he gets; he even nips Geric on the arm once, feisty bird that he is.
  • When Geric leaves, Ani feels her heart beating fast as she thinks of him. Yup—sounds like a crush to us.
  • The next day, Geric visits her again, and they talk about the new princess Anidori-Kiladra (a.k.a. Selia)—Geric thinks there's something dark or suspicious about the new princess since she was all weird with her guards when she arrived.
  • Then the pair decides to ride horses around for the afternoon. When they race, Geric wins, but Ani maintains it's because his horse's legs are longer. Sure.
  • It doesn't really matter who wins though, since Ani and Geric laugh and have the best time together.
  • Later that night, Ani is getting ready for bed, when she takes her hair out of her cap for once. Remember: she's been covering her blonde locks so no one sees she's not from Bayern.
  • Just then though, Ani notices someone at the window: Enna. She's staring at Ani's golden hair, so Ani knows she's got to fill her friend in on the secret.
  • Ani tells her everything: how she's really a princess, how Selia stole her title and crown—the whole nine yards.
  • When she's done, Ani waits for Enna's response and—surprisingly and thankfully—she believes her.
  • Enna's only question is: when will she reveal her real identity?
  • Ani's not so sure that's a good idea. She was planning on telling the king initially, but since Selia has the gift of people-speaking, it wouldn't be good to go up against her. Then Ani thought if she could get enough people on her side, she wouldn't be able to lose, but now she feel like it wouldn't be fair to ask people to risk their own necks because of her.
  • Enna tells her not to worry, though, and says they'll sort things out together.

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