Study Guide

The Goose Girl Chapter 14

By Shannon Hale

Chapter 14

  • Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow. Winter's finally here, and Ideca announces that the princess's guards are looking for a second yellow girl. Wait, what?
  • It turns out they lost one of their companions when travelling to Bayern (ahem, Ani) and want to find her right away—now that the word's out, everyone will be looking for a blonde girl… so Ani better make sure to keep her cap on tightly.
  • Ani decides she'll head back to Kildenree as soon as the winter passes anyway, though, since Falada's dead, Geric's gone, and she's got nothing but trouble waiting for her here. She's sure her mom will welcome her back, even if she's got nothing else to go back for.
  • Right now, Ani's just chillin' at being goose girl. It's relaxing in a way.
  • Wintermoon—a big festival—is coming up, and Ani goes with her worker friends. There, she sees future-tellers, dancers, and even the royals, all gathered in one section, looking down at people.
  • Enna and Ani joke about the king's son who is about thirteen years old and still has all his baby fat—and suddenly Ani's glad she's not getting married to the prince.
  • Razo thinks Ani's prettier than the princess, which makes her blush; Geric is with the royals, and looks a bit sheepish when he sees Ani. What's that about?
  • Everyone's having a good time, until Yulan and Ishta (Ungolad's men) spot Ani. He's all too happy to see her so he can arrange her funeral already.
  • Ani threatens him, saying soon people will come visit from Kildenree and know Selia is an imposter—this charade can't go on forever.
  • Nevertheless, the men grab her and start dragging her away from the crowd.
  • But just then, Peace-keepers show up, and ask the men what they're doing; then the Peace-keepers tell the men to let the girl go since they are disrupting the festival.
  • Enna must have gotten them for her, and Ani is super grateful—they would totally have killed her otherwise.

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