Study Guide

The Goose Girl Chapter 15

By Shannon Hale

Chapter 15

  • When she's not tending to her geese, Ani hangs out by the fire with the other workers, roasting nuts and cheese and playing games together.
  • For the first time Ani feels like a family with these people, laughing and swapping stories together.
  • On her walk back to her room, Ani sees Falada and hears a whisper of his last word to her: Princess. She's not sure if it's her imagination, or the head talking, but suddenly, Ani starts hearing the wind too.
  • At home, Ani cries over her dead horse, and his reminder of her real nature—she's a princess, and she knows it.
  • A couple weeks pass, and the days start to get longer. Nothing much has changed, except for Conrad's mood—while he was never a sunny person, lately he's been sulking around.
  • Ani notices that whenever someone asks her a question, Conrad gets all annoyed and moody.
  • The wind and Falada speak to her in chunks—little strings of words like "cold, ice, geese moving toward stream"—but nothing else. She can't really figure out how to talk back, though it helps her all the same.
  • Conrad watches her closely and notices the geese respond to her better than him, though he can't figure out why.
  • When he complains about this to the gang, Razo tells him to cool it and to quit having a tantrum.
  • One day as Ani's listening to the wind, she stops to let it move through her. The only problem is, the wind knocks off her cap, and Conrad sees her hair—her beautiful yellow hair. She's the yellow girl the guards are looking for.
  • That night, Conrad grills Ani in front of everyone. What is it that her family sells again? Where is she from in the forest? Why does she wear that cap all the time?
  • She knows it's coming, but she's still hurt when Conrad blabs the truth about her hair to everyone.
  • Luckily, Enna steps in and saves her again, telling everyone that Ani's embarrassed because her hair burnt off in a fire.
  • Everyone thinks Conrad's just blowing smoke and rolls their eyes at him, but it seems like he's too bent out of shape to let this go.
  • The next day Ani's alone in the pasture when she feels the wind again—she's been too scared to talk to it under Conrad's watchful eye, but she finally lets herself since he's nowhere to be found.
  • The wind flows through her, and though it doesn't have the passion or thought of a bird or a horse, she loves listening to it anyway.
  • When Conrad shows up, the wind blows his cap off, and he goes chasing after it. Ani can't help but be amused, but Conrad, on the other hand, thinks she's a demon. Who can control the wind?

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