Study Guide

The Goose Girl Chapter 22

By Shannon Hale

Chapter 22

  • The fight is over, and the king tells Geric to stand up. He has just had his first kill, and this means he gets his javelin—he's now a man.
  • In all the commotion, Selia slipped away through the secret door. The king orders: (1) find the girl; (2) secure the perimeter; and (3) toss the girl in the barrel of nails and parade her around the city—just as she tried to do to Ani.
  • Ani asks the king if he can also allow the boys who rode with her to get their shields and javelins, since they risked their lives for a princess and they deserve a chance.
  • Just then, Conrad enters with Selia in tow—he captured her and brought her in, kicking and screaming.
  • Everything seems to be settling down, and Ani is glad to get to sleep on a real mattress with pillows and everything.
  • We get a little recap of where everyone is: Selia is captured; Talone is safe and resting with the doc; and the king and his men are all planning their attack on Kildenree. Wait, that's still on?
  • Fuming, Ani heads over to where the men are gathered. She can't believe they are still planning this war—it's all Selia's concoction.
  • The men show her letters detailing troops and military plans that Selia gave them, but Ani sees right through it. Selia's mom is the key-mistress in the palace, so she would have access to all this stuff—Selia just did it to lock herself and her little story in.
  • Still the men persist, though. They don't want to give in so easily.
  • Ani gives them a little history lesson. In the last three hundred years, Kildenree hasn't attacked any country because it's too small to deal with the fallout. Plus, why would her mom send her here if she was going to attack?
  • What's more is the king doesn't even know his own country. There are peace-keepers in the city because his soldiers won't keep the streets safe. And how about the fact that forest workers can't even go in some taverns because they aren't allowed to get their javelin? It's not fair. They should be focusing on those things more, not this war dreamed up by a lady in waiting to wipe out anyone who might tell the truth about her.
  • And with that, Ani leaves.
  • An hour later, Geric comes to find her. She's right—everyone knows it. The war with Kildenree is ridiculous, and his dad has called it off.
  • Ani thanks Geric for this, and for saving Talone's life. That brings Geric to his next question: Is there something going on between Talone and Ani?
  • Ani assures him there isn't—Talone's just one of the only people who's actually been there for her that she can trust.
  • Phew. This is great news for Geric, since he has already fallen for her, and hopes she feels the same way.
  • Bingo. She was head over heels for him when she first stole his horse, way back when she was a goose girl.
  • Geric couldn't be happier. Not only does he get to marry a princess, he loves her and she's so smart and knowledgeable about their country. How lucky is he?
  • Ani's never realized that she's a catch before, and for the first time, she lets herself be told how great she is—not because of her status or birth, but because of who she is—and she believes it.
  • Oh and by the way, the king has agreed to her request: the forest peeps can go for their javelin, just like the boys from Bayern.
  • Enna comes over and tells Ani they're gonna call themselves the "Forest-band" or maybe the "yellow-band."
  • Ani's vote is for the yellow one, since she's the yellow girl and all. She's finally excited for the power she can have as princess, and realizes she can use it to help people, instead of just to pretend being all fancy-pants.
  • She looks forward to her wedding and ruling this country with her new friends all around her. And who knows? Maybe she'll get a new horse as a gift, and she'll hear its name.

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