Study Guide

The Goose Girl Chapter 3

By Shannon Hale

Chapter 3

  • As Ani prepares to leave her home country, she talks to Selia about what's happened. Selia is outraged, of course, but there isn't really anything Ani can do about it.
  • Who knows? This might end up being a good thing—Ani can decide who she wants to be, and Selia will get to come with her too.
  • One day Ani meets up with her bro Calib, who is a little nervous around her—she tells him not to worry, though. Sure, she was bummed at first to leave, but now she's used to the idea—in other words, no harm, no foul.
  • As she's leaving, the queen makes a big speech about how precious her daughter Ani is, and how she wants everyone to protect her on the journey. She even gives Ani a special handkerchief passed down from her grandma, stained with her mom's blood; it will protect her out in the woods, on the journey to Bayern.
  • At first Ani's touched, but then she's not sure if her mom is doing this all for show or not.
  • No matter, though—they're off. Ani and her entourage make a beeline for the forest—it's a long journey to Bayern, but at least Selia seems excited to get the show on the road. Hmm… wonder what's put a spring in her step.
  • Out in the woods, everyone seems a bit on edge, but not Falada; soon Ani realizes she should just to listen to her horse when it comes to figuring out the trees and animals around her.
  • One night Falada tells Ani that wolves are coming toward the camp. Ani warns everyone, then sure enough a wolf comes toward them—an archer kills it, though.
  • No one seems grateful to the young princess at all. In fact, everyone is surprised and a little creeped out that she knew wolves were coming that way. Gee, some thanks she gets for saving their lives.
  • A few days later, still on the road, Ani catches Selia and some of the guards joking around. When she asks what's funny though, they all shut her out—she's not sure what's going on, but something is definitely happening between Selia and the guards.
  • So Ani talks to Talone instead. He's the guy who rescued her when she was outside with the swans and fell asleep in the cold, so he must be trustworthy.
  • There are still weeks of traveling ahead before they are supposed to arrive at Bayern, and Falada is tired from the journey.
  • When some of the group is off bathing or getting water, Ishta starts talking to Ani in a really creepy way. She doesn't like Talone being around her because he makes her skin crawl, and she's not sure whom she can trust.
  • Selia returns, cold and wet from bathing in the cold stream, and Ani tells her to bathe in the camp—like she does—but Selia mocks her. Who would heat her water? No one cares about her like they do about Ani.
  • Ani tells her not to worry, though, because soon they'll be in Bayern, where hot water and warm beds await them both.
  • Strangely, Selia replies by saying that even more than that awaits her in Bayern…

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