Study Guide

The Goose Girl Chapter 6

By Shannon Hale

Chapter 6

  • The morning Ani is to leave for the market, she gives Gilsa her gold ring as a thank-you for letting her stay, but Gilsa doesn't take it, and instead she tells Ani to hang on to it in case she needs it later on.
  • She says good-bye to Gilsa.
  • Ani and Finn meet up with some other market sellers from the forest along the way, but they're not sure they like a new person riding with them. Finn—with a little help from his mom's cake—convinces them it's okay to have Ani along with them. Ani introduces herself as Isi and Finn goes along with it.
  • Everyone settles down and they all ride to the market together, telling each other stories as they go along.
  • When they get to Bayern, Ani catches a glimpse of Yulan by the city wall. He's watching and waiting… for her to come into the city. She averts her eyes so he doesn't catch her, but she feels nervous all the same, since his presence means they're looking for her, and not done with her yet. Gulp.
  • Ani learns from the others that on market day people can line up to see the king, and she decides this is how she'll get into the palace. She'll have to figure out the rest once she gets there.
  • She starts to feel a little grumpy about her situation—after all, she's a princess, so she shouldn't have to take charity from market people—but she's not sure what else to do.
  • Ani lines up to see the king the next day, and she waits a long time for her turn. Just as she gets to the king's chamber though, she sees Selia in the palace.

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