Study Guide

The Goose Girl Chapter 8

By Shannon Hale

Chapter 8

  • The next morning, Ani wakes up to the sound of her neighbors talking. She gets dressed quickly and heads toward the mess hall, where three dozen other workers are helping themselves to heaping amounts of food.
  • She's not really sure what all the fuss is about since they're eating greasy eggs, lumps of beans with mutton chunks, and oat muffins, but she gobbles some breakfast anyway.
  • Some of the workers already seem to know she's the goose girl, and she meets Conrad, who is working with the animals already.
  • He tells her to take it easy with the geese since they might bite her kneecaps.
  • Even though Ani speaks bird, she can't communicate with the geese since they all honk and squawk in a way she's never heard before.
  • Conrad notices they're missing a couple geese, but he's not sure where they went. It looks like he doesn't speak geese either—or understand them all that much.
  • At the end of the day, Ani's exhausted. She finally gets why everyone was stuffing their pie-holes earlier: it's hard work out in the fields all day.
  • She still wants to find Falada, but hasn't been able to leave all day. Sad face.
  • Back at the food hall, a girl named Enna rushes in and tells the boys, Razo and Beier, to come quick—a ram got in her chicken coop and is going mad.
  • They boys go rushing out, just in time for Enna to let everyone who's left over in on a secret: she rigged a big old bucket of oat mush to fall on them when they walk in—which they totally deserve.
  • They put colored eggs in her chicken's coop and made her believe her poor hen was sick; she tried remedy after potion and nothing worked, because nothing was actually wrong with her hen. When she found out, she decided to play a little prank of her own by hooking up the oat mush over their heads.
  • Ani wants to keep to herself, but she feels comfortable with Enna. The chicken girl tells Ani not to worry too much about Conrad—he's tough at first, but he's pretty cool when you get to know him.
  • Plus, Enna seems to know a lot of the kingdom gossip. She tells Ani the princess came in with a cursed horse that she didn't know how to ride. Could that be Falada? Ani hopes her friend isn't hurt, but she's not so sure.
  • Conrad wants to know what the princess looked like, and Enna reports she was wearing a sparkly silver dress that looked princess-y. Word on the street is she's had ten new dresses made since she's come to Bayern too—everyone agrees this is very princess-like of her.
  • Just then, Razo and Beier come back, dripping with gray slop. Joke's on them, and everyone laughs before heading off to bed.

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