Study Guide

Talone in The Goose Girl

By Shannon Hale


We don't get to see much of everybody's favorite Kildenrean guard once we're in Bayern, but that's because he's been knock-knock-knocking on death's door after a run in with Ungolad and his men. You gotta give it to Talone: even when he's seriously outnumbered and seems to have no chance of winning, he still stands up for Ani and what's right. He protects her as much as he can, and proves he's willing to risk (and almost give up) his life for her.

When Ani finally joins up with him again in the forest, Talone's at the ready to take on Selia, Ungolad, and all the king's men if needed. He's one of Ani's only guards who actually proves himself to be trustworthy, and he never stops helping the princess out. He acts like her mentor and guide, not just through the forest to Bayern, but in life as well.

Even at the end, he's encouraging her about confronting the king with the news of who she really is. He reminds her of Falada's last words to her, and instructs her, "'Lead the way, Princess'" (20.10). He knows these words will give her the courage she needs to get the job done, so when Ani needs to hear them most, he's right there to say them to her.

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