Study Guide

The History of Love Chapter 14: One Nice Thing

By Nicole Krauss

Chapter 14: One Nice Thing

  • This chapter is told from Bird's perspective, courtesy of entries in his journal.
  • He writes that he went to the airport to buy a ticket to Israel. He had been saving up money for it (selling lemonade, but also occasionally stealing from his mother's wallet), but it's going to cost more than he expected.
  • He writes a little about his sessions with the therapist he's been sent to, Dr. Vishnubakat.
  • The fire department takes down his ark, saying that it's a fire hazard.
  • Anyway, it has stopped raining. He realizes he wasn't supposed to tell anyone he's a lamed vovnik and feels that he has disappointed his friend Mr. Goldstein (the janitor) and also disappointed God.
  • Misha calls their house and Bird picks up. He asks Bird if Alma ever found the person she was looking for, and Bird doesn't know what he's talking about. Misha asks him not to tell Alma he called.
  • Mr. Goldstein gets sick and has to go to the hospital.
  • Bird notices that, when he was sure he was a lamed vovnik, he was also sure God could hear his prayers, but now he's not so certain.
  • He has the idea that maybe if he does something to help someone else, then Mr. Goldstein will get better again. He immediately knows whom he can help.