Study Guide

The History of Love Chapter 15: The Last Time I Saw You

By Nicole Krauss

Chapter 15: The Last Time I Saw You

  • Bruno wakes up Leo, saying that he's been written about in a magazine.
  • He shows him the magazine—the only one Leo subscribes to, because Isaac often published in it—and it's a story called "Words For Everything." It's attributed to Isaac Moritz, and the main character is named Leo Gursky. Huh?
  • He calls the magazine and asks how they got the story. They say it's from the final novel by Isaac Moritz and Leo says, "I assure you it isn't" (15.32).
  • Leo hangs up and tries to unravel whether the discovery of the book means that Isaac read it—because if he read it, then he'd know the truth about Leo being his real father.
  • He finds great joy in imagining that there was a time when they were each aware of the other's existence.
  • He walks downstairs to check the mail and finds a small typewritten letter. It reads, "Dear Leopold Gursky, Please meet me at 4:00 on Saturday on the benches in front of the entrance to the Central Park Zoo. I think you know who I am. Sincerely yours, Alma" (15.73-76).
  • Leo's heart is pounding in his chest. He thinks—with the arrival of his angel, Alma—that he's going to die.
  • He bangs on the radiator, hoping Bruno will hear him. There's no answer.