Study Guide

The Canterbury Tales: The Wife of Bath's Tale Lines 1015-1036

By Geoffrey Chaucer

Lines 1015-1036

  • The hag asks the knight to swear that he will grant the hag's next request of him if it lies in his power. In return, she will tell him what women most desire.
  • The knight pledges his troth.
  • The hag tells the knight his life is saved. She swears upon her life that the queen will agree with her opinion, for not even the proudest woman will disagree with her answer.
  • The hag whispers something in the knight's ear, and tells him to be happy and have no fear.
  • When they come to the court, the knight announces that he has kept his promise to return after a year, and is ready to give his answer.
  • Many wives, maidens, widows, and the queen herself as justice are assembled to hear the answer. They call for the knight to come forward.