Study Guide

Thérèse Raquin Chapter 3

By Émile Zola

Chapter 3

  • The week after the wedding, Camille announces that he wants to leave Vernon and move to Paris. 
  • Mme Raquin is initially against Camille's decision, but she's pretty stoked about the idea of reopening her haberdashery shop.  
  • Thérèse is not consulted about any of the plans. Surprise, surprise. 
  • But she accepts it all, with quiet resignation. Like a good 19th century woman. Ugh. 
  • And so, the whole family moves to a dingy shop in the Passage du Pont Neuf. You know, the one described at length in Chapter 1.  
  • When Thérèse sees the shop, she is horrified by how dark and ugly it is.  
  • So horrified that instead of helping Mme Raquin furnish and redecorate the shop, Thérèse just sits idly at the counter. 
  • While Mme Raquin and Thérèse run the haberdashery shop, Camille looks for work. 
  • Camille eventually finds a job at the Orléans Railway Company,  
  • The trio go through the same daily routine for three years. Thérèse feels increasingly suffocated by her depressing life. 
  • Wouldn't you?