Study Guide

Thérèse Raquin Chapter 6

By Émile Zola

Chapter 6

  • Laurent becomes a regular guest at the Raquin household. Thérèse keeps staring at him a lot. 
  • And Laurent does actually begin to begin paint Camille's portrait.  
  • Every time Laurent works on the canvas, Thérèse watches him closely. It's as if she's drawn to him by an irresistible force. Or, the fact that he's really sexy. Either one. 
  • Laurent realizes that he could easily persuade Thérèse to become his mistress. (Duh.) Since he's expecting her to be an easy mark, he bides his time until just the right moment arrives. 
  • When Laurent finishes the portrait, he unveils it in front of everyone. And it is awful. Camille's greenish head looks like a drowned man. 
  • Always out of touch with everything, Camille thinks it makes him look distinguished. 
  • And then that magical, romantic moment arrives. 
  • When Camille and Mme Raquin leave the room, Laurent violently kisses Thérèse. 
  • Thérèse resists at first, but quickly yields.